Free Shipping On Orders Over $75
Free Shipping On Orders Over $75

About Us

Welcome and we are delighted you have dropped by to find out a little more about  We’d offer you a coffee and a cookie (or green tea and celery stick)... well at least a glass of water... but obviously the limitations of the virtual world limit us to just showing you a picture.  

But if you were here in person at AttyChood HQ, our hospitality is legendary and we’d make you feel warm, welcome and appreciated.  

We are all about YOU and so we’d begin our in-person conversation by finding out more about you and what your needs, wants, desires and favorite things to do are.  

Obviously we can’t do that here online on a webpage, (if we could we would) so let’s start by telling you what we are about and how we can enhance your life.

Our Mission

To Provide Unique Cool Looking Products With A Positive Attitude

Why We Are Unique

We know our products are unique because we've developed our own team of talented and inspired graphic designers.  They create really special designs tailored to appeal to insightful and passionate people like you.  

  • You will not find these designs ANYWHERE else on the internet (unless someone has pirated one of our designs an infringed our copyright - if they have our legal team will be on their case!).

  • You will not find these designs ANYWHERE in the shops (eat your heart out Wal-Mart!)

  • You will not find these designs on Ebay or Amazon.  You can only get them from us here at

Why Buy From Us

Here are just some of the other reasons you can buy from us with peace of mind knowing you are going to get great products at a great price supported by great customer service:

  • Our designs are unique and you won’t find them anywhere else (we know we’ve told you that already, but we think it’s our main USP).
  • We have a no questions asked satisfaction guarantee
  • Secure ordering with SSL encryption.
  • 24/7 US based telephone customer support 

How The Company Started

It started when we got our first smartphone.  

This beautiful piece of engineering and design magnificence arrived in its fabulous box - the one where the contents box glides gently and smoothly down when you lift the lid off.  It was almost a transcendent moment (maybe we need to get out more!).

The phone itself was sleek, smooth and oozed class.  It felt weighty and powerful in the palm.... it was also expensive... and had a glass face that was screaming out to be scratched and damaged.

So we went looking for a case to protect it.  

Our first one was an expensive leather wallet case.  it looked very corporate and did the job.  But it was boring.  

Everyone seemed to have the same sort of case.  If you were out in company and everyone put their phones on the table, you couldn’t tell the difference between them.  

On at least 3 occasions in a matter of weeks, we picked up the wrong phone by mistake.  One time was very embarrassing, another caused all sorts of inconvenience and we try not to talk about the last one!

So we went out to find a case that was more unique to us.  We found different colours and that seemed to do the job.  No more mistaking our phone for others.


They were still boring.

So we started looking for something different.  Something that was unique, cool looking and did the job of protecting the phone.  A design that expressed something important to us - one with attitude.

We found some, but often the design was poor or the quality of the product was below what we wanted.

And then over a green tea in the Switzerland Inn in North Carolina on the Tail of The Dragon motorbike road we came up with the idea of making our own.  We were inspired! was born.

We ran the idea past three of our closest friends.  We were hoping for massive encouragement and slap-on-the-back “You can do its” from people we respected and trusted.

However, two said we were mad to give up our conventional jobs to start a business and the third was at best indifferent.

But we thought the idea had legs and so the journey began.

We found a designer.  We sourced our first manufacturer.  We created our first design. We built the first version of our online store.  We made our first sale.  

Our Business Today

It sounds simple when we describe it like that.  But it has take a lot of time, work and more heartache than we’d care to admit to get it going and then to develop the business to where it is now.  

We have made a lot of mistakes (some of them expensive, many of them out of inexperience and a few of them even stupid ) but we have continued to learn and grow through them.

So now we carefully research our potential customers and find out what is important to them.  Then we create a range of design options for them.

Not every design we test works out for us but we let our number one advisor tell us which ones do - and that is you - our customer.  

Our designs are focused on serving you.  And if they don’t, we get that feedback straight away because you won’t buy them.

This process has worked for us and more importantly it has worked for our customers who continue love what we do for them and so keep us in business.

We are based in Houston TX and try to use US based companies and manufacturers where we can.  With the global marketplace as it is, we also use suppliers in other countries, balancing quality and cost to make the best commercial decision.  

As soon as we can find a US supplier making comparable quality items across the same range of products, we switch to that supplier.  3 out of our 4 major suppliers are US based and the one that isn't is US owned.

Serving the home market in the best possible fashion is extremely important to us.  This is why we have US based customer service agents available on the telephone to help you with any questions you have 24/7.

Every day we are constantly adding new designs.  We are also developing the different cases to make sure we can provide cases for the most popular smartphones.  

At the moment we provide cases for over 70 different models of phones from the major suppliers including Apple, Samsung, LG and Google and continue to add new ones as they come to market.

The Future Of

As our phone case design portfolio grew, our customers started to ask if those same designs could be placed on other products.  We noticed we were getting more and more requests for the same designs but on T-shirts, hoodies, mugs, and caps.

So we have decided to expand our product suite.  Plans are already forming, initial negotiations have begun and we are starting to put in place the logistical requirements to support this.

We are now include watches, hooded blankets, beach towels, t-shirts, mugs and all sorts of other great products.   And what separates those from other stores on the internet?  Well each is a unique design, you won't find anywhere else.

So thank you for visiting and on behalf of our team of designers, researchers, administrators, marketing execs, customer service representatives, shipping clerks and office cat (well.... if we had one) we look forward to serving you.