Free Shipping On Orders Over $75
Free Shipping On Orders Over $75

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If you have a question then please do get in touch and one of our fabulous customer service team will be more than willing to help you out.  There are a number of options you have for finding the answer to your question.

Summary Contact Details 

🌎 Comprehensive FAQ Page


📞 1-346-246-3088

OPTION 1 - Comprehensive FAQ Page ⬅️Start Here

Over the time we have been developing, growing and running our business we have been asked lots of questions and so have got a very good feel of those asked the most.  It's highly likely your question has been asked before. 

So for your convenience and instant gratification, Jenny (one of our first team members) has compiled the most often asked questions and provided detailed answers on Our Comprehensive FAQ Page.  It's highly likely you will find your answer immediately on that page.

🌎 Comprehensive FAQ Page

OPTION 2 - 24/7 E Mail Support⬅️ Recommended Best Support Option

Our customer support team monitor their e mail like a coiled rattlesnake waiting for an unsuspecting mouse to appear out of its hiding hole.  As soon as it arrives, they will pounce on it and send you an acknowledgement so you know we have got it into our system.   

They'll get back to you with an answer in under 4 hours.  As they are a highly motivated and competitive bunch, they aim to beat that every single time.   The more information you can give us (your name, order number, product ordered, date of purchase etc), the better.  

So just send an e mail here.


You can also send a message directly to our customer service team by clicking on the orange Help button at the bottom of your screen.

OPTION 3 - 24/7 Telephone Support⬅️ For General Queries

Your call will be answered immediately by one of our excellent US based customer service representatives.  They will help you with any quick queries you have about our products, your order, shipping times and probably just about anything you might need to know about getting your hands on one of our amazing products. 

Just call this number:

📞 1-346-246-3088

OPTION 4 - Live Chat 

🚧 This support feature is currently under construction 🚧