Free Shipping On Orders Over $75
Free Shipping On Orders Over $75


We have received many questions over the time we have been in this business.  For your convenience we have assembled the most frequently asked questions here for you, together with their answers.

It's highly likely this will save you time as you will find the answer you are looking for here right away.  So please do take the time to scan through these.

About Our Hooded Blankets

Q.  What are your hooded blankets made from?

A.  They have a warm and soft Sherpa lining and a smooth, soft polyester exterior.

Q.  Are your hooded blankets machine washable?

A.  Yes they are.  Full washing and care instructions can be found on the product label.

Q.  What sizes do your hooded blankets come in?

A.  Our gorgeous hooded blankets comes in 2 sizes:

Adult 80″x 55″ 

Youth 60″x 40″

About Our Smartphone Wallet Cases

Q.  How will I know if your wallet cases will fit my phone?

A.  As you will see from our site, we offer a range of models for each of our phone case designs.  If your phone is not listed in the variant options on the design that you like, it does not mean it won’t fit.  

If you go to this site you can find the dimensions of your particular phone model:

If your phone is between 58mm-80mm wide AND between 100mm- and 165mm height AND between 5mm-8.8mm thick,  it WILL fit no problem.

Our wallet cases come with a unique slider feature that holds many different types and sizes of phones.  If you watch the video below, you can see for yourself how the phone fits and how you can use the camera and keep your phone safe and protected.

Q.  What phone models fit your cases?

Our wallet case supports these phone makes and models:

Our smartphone super case product supports these phone makes and models.

To make sure your phone will fit, on each product page there is a drop down menu where you will find all of the models supported.  If your phone is there, it will fit.

Q.  There doesn't appear to be a hole for the camera lens in the back of the wallet case.  How do I take pictures?

That's a common question we get and is easy to answer.  They don't have a camera hole because they don't need one.  It has an ingenious design feature where you slide your phone up whilst it is still securely held in the case, to reveal the lens and allow you to use the camera.

This picture shows you how.


Or you can watch this video that shows you in detail how this works.   It means our cases fit multiple phone types and sizes.

Q.  What materials are your phone cases made of?

A.  While it might look like the smartphone wallet case is made out of real leather, it is not. We don’t try to trick anyone into believing they are getting real genuine leather for such a great price. The product is made from synthetic leather material, which is great to print custom designs on.

The smartphone super case which is the other model we have, is made from highly durable, hardened polycarbonate that is impressively resistant to breaking or cracking.

Paying For Your Product

Q.  What type of payments do you accept?

A.  Payment for your product is very easy using the most recognized and popular payment methods for your convenience and peace of mind.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Paypal and Apple Pay.

Q.  How secure is your payment processing?

A.  All payments are made on a secure page using the latest SSL encryption technology.  We do not store your card details, they are handled by the payment processor.

Q.  What currency can I make my purchase in?

A.  All our prices are in USD ( $ US Dollars) but you can pay in your preferred currency.  Your bank will make the necessary calculations and will deduct the amount in your own currency equal to your order value.


Q.  How much are your shipping charges?

A.  Standard shipping to you is FREE wherever you are in the world.  Express UPS Shipping (5-8 days) is also FREE for our Hooded Blankets.  You can upgrade to Express Shipping with our other products at checkout if you wish.

Q. What countries do you ship to?

A.  We ship worldwide and especially to the US and Canada and all of the major European countries.  To see a full list of the countries we ship to, check out our Shipping Policy Page Here.

Q.  How long does it take for my order to get to me?

A.  It takes us 1 working day to process your order.  Then it takes us 3-5 days to manufacture your product though usually less (yes we make it especially for you). 

Once your order is ready, we ship it immediately and expect it to be with you within 2-4 weeks depending on which manufacturing facility made your product and where in the world you live.   If you live in the US and you purchase one of our US made products it's likely you'll receive your order in under 10 days. 

When you order one of our Hooded Blankets it is UPS express shipped to you within 5-8 working days of manufacture for FREE!

There are premium shipping options on the check out page when you order your chosen product.  More detailed information can be found on our Shipping Policy Page Here.

Tracking Your Order

Q.  I have not received my order, where is it?

 A.  The first thing to check is that sufficient time has passed since placing your order.  Full details of how long your order should take can be found on our Shipping Policy Page here.  You will have been sent a tracking number and a link so you can  check the progress of your package. 

If the time since ordering has exceeded the expected maximum delivery time, then please send an email with your name, address and order number to our Customer Service Team at  They will investigate this for you.

Q.  My order is taking longer than promised - why is that?

A.  Usually the delays are caused by problems during shipping.  Occasionally packages get misplaced or incorrectly routed which adds to the normal shipping times.  Unfortunately these are  outside of our control.  

In the very rare instances that we exceed the delivery time because it's our fault it's usually because we have had a sudden rush of orders that caused a processing and  manufacture backlog. 

If the time since ordering has exceeded the expected maximum delivery time, then please send an email with your name, address and order number to our Customer Service Team at  They will deal with this for you.

Q.  I have not received my tracking number - where is it?

A.  Your tracking number is allocated as soon as production of your order is complete and your item has been shipped.  It then takes a further couple of days for that to ripple through the system and be sent to you.

So for orders from our international facilities, typically you will receive your tracking number 7-10 days after your order was placed.

If 10 days have passed and you still haven’t received your tracking number (it will be sent to you by e mail) then send an email with your name, address and order number to our Customer Service Team at  They will happily deal with this for you.

Q.  My package details on the tracking link you send me don't appear to change.

A.  Updates on the progress of your package usually take a few days to ripple through the system.  It is a huge technological and logistics challenge by our shipping partners to be able to deliver, track and update package information.  Improvements to the system are being made continuously so all we can ask is that you be patient and keep checking the link regularly.

Q.  I have a tracking number but the information for my order is not showing up on the tracking link - what should I do?

A.  Send an email with your name, address and order number to our Customer Service Team at  They will contract the manufacturer and shipping agent and investigate this for you and get it resolved. 

Q.  What will you do if my order gets lost in transit?

A.  If your order does not arrive within the time advertised on our site then please send an email with your name, address and order number to our Customer Service Team at  They will deal with this for you.

Q.  The tracking number information on the tracking link says the package has been Returned to Sender - what should I do?

Sometimes packages get lost or the mail service can't find the address.  Because they deal with literally millions of packages like yours, the easiest thing for them to do when faced with that is to return it to the sender.  If this has happened to you contact our Customer Service Team at and they will arrange to send you a replacement immediately.

Q.  I've got my tracking number but on the link it says it is going to the wrong city - what do I do?

There are two potential scenarios here:

Scenario 1 - You have been given the wrong tracking number

Send an e mail to our Customer Service Team at  They can check on the system to make sure you have been given the right tracking number in the first place.  If you have the correct tracking number then it's likely scenario 2 has occurred.

Scenario 2 - The postal service has sent your package to the wrong depot.

Unfortunately this sometimes happens when the postal service misplaces a package.  When it arrives they will scan it and check it against their system and realise their mistake.  They will then send it directly to you.  This will add an unnecessary delay to the delivery that we are powerless to do anything about.  What you can do is call the postal service to let them know of the problem.  This may speed up their processing of the redirection of your package to your address.

Q.  The information for my tracking number says my order has been delivered but it has not arrived at my address.  What do I do?

There are a couple of things you can do:

  1. Please check with your neighbors - 9 times out of 10 it has been left with someone who lives close to your home.  

  2. Contact your local USPS Post office and give them your tracking number and they will be able to help locate your package.

If you still are unable to locate your package after trying both of those options, contact our Customer Service Team at and they will assist you.

Managing Your Order

Q.  Can I cancel or change my order?

A.  You can only cancel or make amendments to your order up to 24 hours after you have placed it.  This will allow us time to stop it before manufacture begins.  After that your product will be made and shipped out to you.  If you want to amend your order in any way before the 24 hours are up, send an email to our Customer Support Team at  They will be happy to make the changes you want.

Q.  How do I make a return?

A.  To make a return, please contact our customer service team at  Full instructions of the information to provide can be found on our Returns Policy Page here.

Q.  If I am unhappy with the product as it has been delivered, how can I get a replacement?

A.  To give you peace of mind when ordering, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee to ensure your product is perfect for you.  Full details can be found on our Returns Policy Page here. However just send an email to our Customer Support Team at  They will be happy to deal with any problems you have.

Miscellaneous Questions

Q.  Is your company in China?

A.  We are a global company and have multiple offices as well as multiple warehouses around the world including in the USA, UK and China.  Our main office is in Houston, Texas.  See our About Us Page for more information.

Q.  I can't find an answer to my query on your FAQ page - what do I do?

A.  If you still have not found the answer to your question, then please do contact us directly by sending an email to   This is the best way to get the quickest answer.

Q.  Who do you think will win the Super Bowl this year?

A.  Tough to say but at least one of our team is rooting for the Packers!